Bella Rae's Swan Lake 2nd Birthday Party

Bella Rae's Swan Lake 2nd Birthday Party

How is my baby girl two years old? I felt like she was just born! Her birthday just came up so quickly! I am so excited to share her special day with you. The most important thing is, I felt like she felt so loved, had so much fun and that she felt like a special princess. She kept walking around saying pretty, daddy look, wow. That makes my heart leap from my chest. Being creative is truly my passion and doing it for the ones that I love, well that's just a full heart right there.

Bella had a swan lake party! It was a wintry party filled with feathered swans, white cookies, cupcakes, donuts and candy, swan ice sculptures, swan pinata and a white hot cocoa bar. The girls got to make feathered headbands with sequin ribbon and the boys had black swan masks! We turned our 3 season into a swan wintry wonderland for the little ones to enjoy their food. All the kids were asking if I made a pinata again this year, and I'm so glad that I stayed up making one the night (or morning) before her party. My husband thought I was crazy constructing a swan at midnight!

Goodness, I have so many memories that I will cherish forever from that day!

Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet baby princess! YOU are BEYOND LOVED! I pray that God will bless your sweet and tender heart!

(I've listed all the details under the photos of where I got everything!)

Cake: Sweets by Sokuntea

Similar Cake Stand: Amazon

Similar Cake Stand: Amazon

Similar Cake Stand: Amazon

Lace Cupcake Holders: Amazon

Swan Cookie Cutter: Cookie Cutters

Dreamer Mirror Wall Art: Pottery Barn Teen

Similar Ice Swan Mold: Amazon

Swans (I painted the beaks rose gold and added feathers for Bella's cake topper): Create for Less

Similar Mug Tree sprayed gold for the donuts: Amazon

Rock Candy Sticks: Amazon

Similar Bar Cart: Amazon

Similar Rose Gold Plastic Silverware: Amazon

Table Cloth/Fabric: Amazon

Bella's Ballerina Pillow: Shenasi Concept

Felt Swans: Etsy

Similar Gold and white Branches for centerpieces and hanging (spray painted): Amazon

White Birch Trees: Amazon

Similar Angel Wings Amazon

Ribbon for Headbands: Amazon

Feathers for Headband: [Amazon](Sowder Natural Goose Feathers Clothing Accessories Pack of 100 (White))


Invitations sent in a box

Swan Pinata

Tulle Swan: (You can message me for orders)

Lace Cupcake Holders (I hot glued feathers to the outside)

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Tanya R Ng

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