DIY Ikea Build-Ins for under $500

With our baby boy growing so fast and needing more storage for toys, we needed to come up with a solution! I wanted to utilize the space in his nursery better and doing built-ins along an utilized wall, was the perfect solution. However, hiring someone to come in and do custom built-ins would have cost thousand of dollars. With a little DIY and everyone’s favorite go-to store, IKEA, we made our own for under $500.



Ikea List:

We framed everything in molding from Home Depot and added in a return vent. We also added in some molding along the side to hide some spacing. You may not need to do this.

What you will need:

Base Molding and crown molding and the following from Ikea:

  1. Billy Bookcase – White (2)
  2. Billy Bookcase Extension Unite – White (2)
  3. Besta T.V. Unit – White (2)
  4. Besta Vassbo Door – White (4)
  5. Besta Leg Square – Chrome (5)
Tanya R Ng

Tanya R Ng

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