Today, I'm sharing with you my favorite co-sleeper and one that we still use! I have gotten so many questions on this crib, so I decided to share a detailed review and lots of photos. Trust me, it's even cuter in person and one of my favorite baby product purchases.

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Sleep....I haven't slept in 3 years, 10 months and some change. So I understand how important sleep is. My first born was not a good sleeper, still isn't and sleeps in our bed. So when I found out I was pregnant with Bella, I knew I had to have a sleeping solution that was going to work for our entire family.

I had seen this co-sleeper here and there and loved the look of it and hoped that it would be the solution that we were looking for. I wanted to have a co-sleeper that was open to my bed, so I could just slide her into bed with me, nurse her and then put her back into her crib (while not waking Camden up). I also wanted something that had wheels, that was stylish, and could last longer than just a few months. Guess what? Bella is almost two (insert sobbing mommy) and we still use it. She doesn't actually sleep in it, but it's next to our bed and acts as a rail to keep her from falling off the bed. She sleeps between the crib and me and Camden is in the middle between my husband and I. I also love to use the crib to throw my decorative pillows in!

Here's why I love this co-sleeper...

  1. The crib attaches to your bed, so it's completely secure.

  2. It comes with a bumper that is made from a mesh fabric so it's safe. *I love regular crib bumpers like everyone else and being a designer, I love them even more. BUT they are dangerous and that's why only mesh bumpers should be used in a crib that the baby is sleeping in.

  3. One side can be opened up so that it's open to the bed. - It's so easy to bring the baby into bed with you and then once they fall back to sleep after feeding, you can place them back safety into their crib.

  4. It's larger than some co-sleepers so you can use it longer.

  5. It's stylish and constructed of wood.

  6. You can adjust the height of the crib to the level of your bed.

  7. After your done using it as a crib, it can be used as a loveseat! Yes, it's multi functional!!

I know there are so many options for co-sleepers, but many are outgrown within the first few months. Now doctors are saying that it's best if babies are in the same room as their parents for the first year. This co-sleeper is roomier than many of the others.

Tanya R Ng

Tanya R Ng

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