Camden & Bella's Birthday Party

Camden & Bella's Birthday Party

This year, we threw Camden and Bella a dual birthday party! Because of everything this past year has brought us, both of their birthday parties were canceled last year, like so many others! So this year, we went all out and did one big party!

Camden loves Star Wars so he wanted a Mandalorian theme and Bella wanted a mermaid theme. Couldn't be more different but it was so fun to plan two different themes at the same well as a ton of work! ;) I did all the treats, cupcakes, decor and balloon garlands myself and didn't hire out for anything, so it was a busy month beforehand!

We had their party at our families lake home on Lake Minnetonka and it was so windy and the balloons were popping left and right because of the heat...but they lasted long enough to get some photos!!

(I linked all the party items at the end of this post.)

Let's start with Bella's mermaid party! Her table was so fun to create! I made all the desserts and not only were they super cute...they were just as yummy! How about that mermaid puppy chow or the mermaid rice krispies?!!!

Camden's Mandalorian party was so fun to create! The baby Yoda cupcakes and star wars puppy chow were my favorite desserts!

Now for the kiddie tables! We made these little wood tables for the kids to sit at. We purchased all the items at Home Depot. Just wood and metal brackets!

The boys table was full of star wars slime, light up foam light sabers and in their giftbags they got star wars light saber bubbles, star wars tattoos, rubix cubes and some candy!

Each girl had her own mermaid wand, crown and mermaid slime. In the mermaid tail giftbags on the dessert table they got mermaid tail chalk, mermaid tattoos and some candy!

Bella's Mermaid Invitations
Camden's Mandalorian Invitations 
Mermaid Slime
Star Wars Slime
Party Wands

Here are all the supplies that I used. You can hit the arrows on the right or left side to scroll through everything! These are affiliated links.

Bella's Mermaid Birthday Party Items:

Mermaid Dessert Table:

Mermaid Dessert Items:

Mermaid Sign and Cake Topper:

Mermaid Kids Party Table:

Mermaid Slime:

Mermaid Wands:

Camden's Star Wars Party Items:

Star Wars Dessert Table

Star Wars Dessert Items:

Star Wars Kids Party Table:

Star Wars Slime:

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