My Favorite Non Toxic Makeup

My Favorite Non Toxic Makeup

Hi! Today, I'm sharing my favorite picks for non toxic makeup. Ever since I was in design school and took a class in sustainable design, I have gradually changed our lifestyle by making better choices in the products we buy. That class really gave me the awareness of the chemicals that lurk in everyday products. It seems daunting at first, but if you gradually change things, it's not that hard.

I'm not telling you to throw out all your makeup. But if you're interested in going non toxic and or organic when it comes to what you put on your body, taking baby steps and gradually purchasing non toxic items is the easiest way to make the change.

I started using non toxic makeup before Camden was born. I just didn't like the thought of getting all those chemicals on him when I was holding him.

I've tried many brands and I can tell you that the non toxic makeup industry has come so far in 6 years! Here are some of my favorite items that work just like "regular makeup".

Primer: Jane Iredale Primer I just started using this primer and love it!!

BB Cream: Jane Iredale BB Cream I use this as foundation!! It has really good coverage and works so well!

Foundation: Fitglow Beauty Foundation Before I found the Jane Iredale BB cream, I used this foundation. I will still use it and love it as well! It lasts all day!

Concealer: W3ll People Bio Correcting Concealer By far my favorite concealer. It's creamy, non drying and covers my dark circles so good!

Invisible Powder: W3ll People Bio Brightener Invisible Powder. I love this invisible powder and use it to set my foundation and concealer!

Bronzer: W3ll People Bio Bronzer This bronzer gets some amazing reviews and I have to agree with everyone! I love the color and it gives you that perfect "back from the beach" look!

Blush: Pacifica Blush I just started using this blush on vacation and love it! It has just the right amount of pigment and lasts!

Eyeshadow: I'm still searching for my absolute favorite. Here's one that I'm thinking of trying next. Antonym Eyeshadow

Mascara: Honest Company Mascara and Primer This stuff works! I have tried so many different non toxic mascaras and I absolutely love this one and it comes with primer!!!

Eye Brow Kit: Jane Iredale Eyebrow Kit I love this eyebrow kit! It comes with the tinted powder and wax. I've always had a hard time finding the perfect match to my eyebrows (either it would be too light or too dark) and this one matches perfectly!

Deoderant: Kopari Deoderant. I have tried so many organic/non toxic deodorants in the last 6-7 years and this is by far my favorite. It actually works! It lasts the longest of any non toxic deodorant, smells amazing and doesn't burn or create redness!

(I understand that some of these items are not 100% organic or pure. I'm picking these products because they work well and are better than toxic items.)

Tanya R Ng

Tanya R Ng

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