Traveling with Kiddos...

Traveling with Kiddos...

Yay!! I'm finally doing a blog post on traveling with kids and one of my most asked about little DIY hacks!

As any parent knows, traveling with little ones can be STRESSFULLLLLLL.....! Anything and boy do we mean anything can go wrong... poopy diapers, blowouuutts, tantrums, over tired children, children that have to go pee when you're suppose to stay seated, delayed flights, sitting on the tarmac, bad weather, crabby children, crabby parents...I mean the list goes on and on.

I remember Camden's first flight. We LUCKED out. The third person in our row was a grandma who was going to see her grandson who was Camden's age. She loved sitting next to him!!

Here are some tips that I have learned over the years with traveling with babies and small children.

*"IF" you can, schedule flights during their naptime! Also, "IF" you can and "IF" your airport has a play area, get there early and get all their energy out.

*Family line! Try and ask someone that works for the airport if they have a family security line and where it is. Or just stand by the security line with a screaming baby and usually someone will assist you!

*Attitude. This is huge and one I always have to remind myself. If people stare, judge or get impatient that is their problem. Traveling with little ones just takes more time. If you have strollers or car seats, they will take them aside and inspect them. Also, be overly kind to the TSA agents. Unless, they dump your breast milk. Am I right?!

*If it works out and you purchased a seat for your child, bring their carseat. They are used to their carseat and will usually stay in it as well as fall asleep easier and faster in it. Oh and it makes a wonderful headrest for the parent!!!! (We won't be taking them on our next trip since it won't make sense, so I will miss having something to lean my head on for sure!!) Also, even if you didn't buy your child a seat since they are under 2, bring the carseat up to the gate. A nice flight attendant will usually notice and offer a seat for your baby if they have one available! They did this for us with Camden and it was amazing!!! You can also just go up to the counter and ask if there are any rows that have an empty seat and they might accommodate you!

*Okay so here is what I bring for my children on an airplane.

I pack them each a backpack of small toys, coloring books, stickers, games etc that they have never seen before. Target dollar spot is a perfect place to shop for this. When they get on the plane, they can open their backpack and take one thing out at a time and play with it until they are over it. For babies, I did the same thing with Camden when he was 1. I just kept a handful of new little toys and brought them out when I knew he was getting antsy.

We bring their own tablets which you can shop for here . They are full of kid friendly movies, shows, games and books.

Finally, the treat box! My kiddos LOVE this and it keeps them busy for a while! I buy containers like these and fill them with all sorts of little treats. I try to do more "healthy" treats then sugary treats so they aren't too hyper. Of course, I do add organic fruit snacks or mini cookies. But not as much as popcorn, nuts, pretzels etc. We have gluten and dairy allergies so finding treats at the airport isn't always easy (although some airports like ours has options now and I love it). But our kids get excited about all the different treat options in front of them!

Here's a list of the items that I usually buy for their boxes:

  • Snyders Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks
  • Earth Balance Puffs
  • Plentils Lentil Chips - amazing!!
  • Popcorn
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn Cakes
  • Barnana Plantain Chips - AMAZING!!
  • Organic Fruit Snacks
  • Veggie Sticks - the chip type but you could put actual carrot sticks in!
  • Raisins
  • Trail Mix
  • Cashews and Almonds
  • Enjoy Life Soft Bake Mini Cookies
  • Organic Fruit Roll Ups

For coming home, I pack a bunch of snacks in smaller sandwich bags and put them in a gallon size bag.

*If you are really concerned about how your child might act. Have one new toy or item hidden in case they have a meltdown (ie: small toy cars, a small toy baby, one of those calming breathing balls that you can purchase here. This usually happens the last hour on the flight. Where they are just over being confined and want to move. Have something that might distract them for the last portion of the flight.

*For babies, nursing, feeding a bottle or sucking on a pacifier will help when ascending or descending on an airplane.

*Another tip, is to pack a carry on full of diapers, wipes, extra outfits (have an extra outfit in your purse just in case of blowouts and of course wipes and diapers), blanket, formula, breast pump and anything else you might need just in case your luggage gets "misplaced" or you need anything on the airplane.

Lastly, I remember another mama saying this and it's so true. If your child is crying, just shut out everyone around you and focus on your child and you. The sad part about our society, is people like to judge no matter what. CHILDREN CRY! They do! It's part of their development. If people are judging, that's their problem. You are doing the best job you can possibly do!!

The best are some of the best memories with little ones!

You can scroll through these images and click on anything to shop. These are all my favorite travel items!

Favorite travel strollers (The Maxi Cosi umbrella stroller can attach up to two carseats!!)

Favorite Luggage:

Items to Keep Kids Busy:

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