Oh The Places You Will Go...

Oh The Places You Will Go...

Packing can be daunting...what to pack, how is this all going to fit, did I remember everything and how do I pack these shoes?? Today, I'm going to share how I pack and some tips on how to organize and to not forget things...especially with little ones.


  1. I love using clothing racks to organize what I'm going to pack. I also hang stuff a few days before so I have everything ready to put in my suitcase but I don't put everything in until we're ready to go. This is so I feel prepared but I don't get everything really wrinkly or more wrinkly then need be.

2.For toiletries I like to start packing them a couple days before. I put my toiletry travel bags out on the counter in the bathroom and as I use stuff, I will put it in the bag. Then just take things out of the bag if I need to use them and put them right back. This is so that I bring everything that I use and may need. I find that if I pack last minute I stress that I didn't grab everything that I need.

3.I love using bags to keep things organized so when I came across these adorable bags from Designs By Maria I knew they would be perfect for our trip! The private bag and wash me bags are perfect for intimate pieces. Pretty pair...well that will be for a cute pair of shoes for sure! There's even one to put all the ugly cords (which helps you to not forget your charger!!)

4.Okay so let's get to the good part. Traveling with little ones. Any parent knows, that this is the most stressful part of traveling. I think one of the best survival tips is to have the perfect bag. So everyone knows that I absolutely love the JuJu Be Be Prepared Bag also here, but since we're going to Disney World and on a Caribbean cruise, I wanted to get a great backpack. When I saw this Pink and Gold Fawn Backpack (also comes in other colors and a mini size.), I knew I had to get it! It's a diaper bag, but doesn't look like one. It has all the compartments for diapers, wipes and everything else and then a huge main pocket. It also has pockets on each end on the outside of the bag. I has a shoulder strap as well. I shared what I pack in my diaper bag in one of the photos. I think one huge tip is to pack an extra outfit just in case they get wet or dirty on the airplane. If you are traveling with an infant, this is especially important because if they have a blowout and on you, you and the baby should have a change of clothes handy. Yoga pants and a t-shirt is the most compact outfit for mommy.

5.I bring another bag as my carry on that is full of activities that won't fit in their backpacks or are my last survival options. AKA...fruit snacks and anything sugary. I will explain more. So, I pack their backpack with fun little activities that are new. You can even wrap them so that it's a game and more exciting. This time, I'm packing snacks in those plastic jewelry organizers. I do this for church and it works great! I just use a smaller one for church. I put different snacks in the little compartments. They love it! I also shared all the little activities that I'm packing them. So...the sugar thing. I try not to give them sugar unless I'm really desperate...aka shopping at Homegoods! LOL! But as any parent knows, things can get hard after the kiddos are sick of sitting. So pulling out sugar in the last 20 minutes of the flight might save you. It's just enough time to make them happy and the sugar rush might not hit until you're off the plane!

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