So Magical with The Borrowed Boutique...

So Magical with The Borrowed Boutique...

Many of you know that we just went on a family vacation to Disney World and on a Caribbean cruise. We went to Magic Kingdom first and as anyone who has been there knows, it is pure magic. I knew I wanted to Bella to feel like a princess while we were there. What better way to do that than to have her dressed like a princess?

Have you ever heard of The Borrowed Boutique? It's an amazing company that rents out beautiful dresses and other items for your little princess and dapper items for your little prince. When I saw the Belle dress, I knew it would be perfect for our trip to Disney! I must was! It was SO HOT there and Bella refused to take the dress off. When we met Belle, Bella realized that she was dressed like her and that moment I will treasure forever. Her eyes lit up and I saw her truly feel so special. She also danced with Belle and it just brought tears to my eyes as she danced in this beautiful dress. I also picked out two other options for her to wear around the park that were more "Florida temperature friendly". I love Tutu Du Monde so we picked out two of their onesies that had a tulle skirt. Everyone at the park just adored her outfits and it just made her trip extra special!

On the cruise, we picked out a vest and bow tie for Camden. If you've been on a cruise before, you know that there are formal nights, so picking out some pieces for him was so fun!

If you are going on a special trip, having a birthday party, photo shoot, wedding or any other special occasion, The Borrowed Boutique is such a great place to rent from! They carry the most beautiful things at a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy them. You pick a 4 or 8 day window and they ship the items for you just in time for your event and then once done, you package it up in the same box or the bag that they provide with the prepaid shipping label and send it back. So easy and affordable!

Here's a glimpse into our trip:

Also, I thought I'd share this video of Bella meeting Belle for the first time. Seriously, so precious!!

Bella's Outfits:
Belle Dress | Star Tutu Du Monde Onesie | Bow Tutu Du Monde Onesie

Camden's Outfits:
Vest | Bow Tie

All outfits were c/o The Borrowed Boutique.

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Tanya R Ng

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