Sweet Valentine's

Sweet Valentine's

What's better than looking like a "pinterest type person" but truly it was easy peasy? Today, I'm sharing 3 Valentine ideas that will make it look like you put way more effort into it, than you really did. Oh and each of these ideas only have 2 items (3 if you include tape ;)). The first and last idea could also be great gifts for teachers or friends! But all of these could work for kids too!

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Idea #1:

How cute is this treat box filled with vanilla meringues?! It looks so pretty, yummy and that you put more work into it than you did! All you need is the boxes and the meringues and wahla! Thats it. Oh and it take a few minutes!



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Idea #2:

Balloons make everything better and more festive, right?! Oh and if they are heart balloons...even better! That makes these Valentine's so adorable. Just tape them on some construction paper and write something fun like "Fly away with me" and that's it! I mean ....so simple!


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Idea #3:

This is as simple as it can get. Heart treat bags and cookie cutters. Just buy a pack of cute Valentine cookie cutters, place them in a fun Valentine's treat bag and tie it shut. I mean...who wouldn't love a fun gift like this?




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Tanya R Ng

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