It's a Hot Cocoa Kind of Valentine's Day....

It's a Hot Cocoa Kind of Valentine's Day....

We do live in the frozen if we're going to brave the outdoors and playhouse, it better include some hot cocoa! Seriously, it's going to be so cold this weekend...think negative digits. So I think hot cocoa and snuggles by the fire are in order!

Also, I just loved decorating their playhouse with love! Even though my fingers were freezing! Just some fun felt garland, pinata oh and of course I added some flowers for a bit...but they of course made their way back inside before the petals froze!

Oh and I don't want to forget to mention that this playhouse is back in stock (shop here) and on sale!!! Crazy, since I waited two years to get my hands on this exact one and I payed a small fortune just for shipping (don't ask!!! ;) ).

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Also, you can find the DIY to this playhouse hack here




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