Sweetest Playhouse...

Sweetest Playhouse...

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite DIY hacks! * Update * I've been trying to get my hands on this playhouse for two years and it's now available! I had come across this playhouse and I knew that I needed to make one for Camden and Bella. The only problem was that the playhouse was sold out. I waited until I finally found one from a store in California that had one left. I paid a TON for shipping, but in the end, it was worth it! Below the photos, I'm sharing how I DIY'd this adorable playhouse!

I want to mention again that my inspirations is from Winter Daisy Blog.

Okay, now for the details. The playhouse was delivered and I opened the box and looked at the directions. I then went and baked cookies and messaged my husband asking for help. Needless to say, building the playhouse is a PROJECT!!! My hubby built the playset last year, so he's a pro!

While he built the house, I painted the door and shutters pink. I also painted the oval window, frame of the chalk board, hinges, screws for the hinges and window boxes with gold spray paint. Our windows were already white so I left those alone. I believe some playhouses have colored windows. (Every playhouse version is different, so you can pick and choose what you want painted).

*HUGE TIP! Organize all the pieces and hardware. I know it seems like a lot of work, but my husband did this for both the Cedar Summit play set and playhouse and it makes building so much easier! It also helps if you're missing any pieces so you can contact the company and get those sent out right away!

When the roof and the base of the house were both built but still separated, I placed both the roof and base of the house on big pieces of cardboard and used a spray gun to spray the pieces. TRUST ME, purchasing a spray gun is worth it! The house will probably need 3 coats of paint and there are TONS of nooks and crannies. Besides there are more pieces to be painted by hand. Here's the spray gun that I used.

Then as my hubby built the playhouse with all the other pieces, I painted those by hand with a paint brush. Like I said above, it was about 3 coats of paint. Our door was originally green along with the shutters and some other pieces and those took more than 3 coats!

Click here for the exact house that I bought.

Here are some other options:

Here are all the items and paint that I used.

Playhouse: Mine is sold here

White Paint for base house: Behr Paint in Ultra Pure White

Pink Paint for the door and shutters: Glidden Paint in Barely Blush (Love this color pink!!!!)

Paint Sprayer: Here

Spray Paint for hinges, screws, window boxes, oval window and frame for the menu chalkboard: Rustoleum (tip for spay painting scres. Push screws into cardboard so you can spray the top of it evenly)

Other Items:

Picnic Table here

Pink Bike here

Pink Helmet here

Doormat- This was a diy project. I purchased this doormat and then printed out daydreamer, cut out the letters, pinned them down to the mat and painted the letters with the same pink paint I used on the door. I cut out circles and used those for the polka dots and used the same white paint that I used on the playhouse.

Post for the DIY lemonade stand here!

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Tanya R Ng

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