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DIY Press for Champagne Gift Box

For Christmas, I gave some of these “Press for Champagne” gift boxes. I’m obsessed with anything white, gold and glitter! I knew I wanted to give a personalized fun gift and these were exactly that! These would make great NYE hostess gifts as well!

Here’s what they included:

  • DIY “Press for Champagne” frame

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DIY Press for Champagne

I came across an adorable press for champagne button that was framed out! I instantly knew I wanted one, but found the price at $70. I decided to DIY it. In the end, it only ended up costing $4.47! The DIY version does not come with champagne delivered by a butler. Sorry! I love

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DIY Glitter Champagne Bottles

I love anything that sparkles!! It just brings some glamour to your life! Glittered champagne bottles….well that just brings more fun to the party! These make great gifts and decor and are so easy to make!!

Here’s my DIY Glitter Champagne Bottle:


  • Champagne Bottle: Large or mini bottles
  • Glitter: I used gold

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