DIY Gold and White Kitchen

DIY Gold and White Kitchen

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GOLD hardware DIY below

Click below for our kitchen accessories in the photo and that we have:


Pink Blender and Mixer

Similar Gold Polka Dot Storage

Similar Cupcake Stand

Pink Birthday Cake

Wooden Cupcake Set

Cookie Sheet with Wooden Cookies

Wooden Ice Cream

Wooden Sandwich Set

Wooden Food and Cutting Utensils

Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Dishes, Pots and Pans Multi Pack

Just like so many, we fell for this KidKraft Vintage Kitchen HERE. You can't beat the price, the size and just how cute it is. I came across some other mom's that had painted their kitchens or added some marble contact paper to the counter top....(which I might do) and I wanted to give our kitchen a makeover. Let me tell you, if you haven't put your kitchen together or are in the process of getting one, paint the hardware BEFORE assembling! Don't put it on your todo list for down the road. It was no easy task taking it all apart, painting it and then reassembling it again!

Here's some tips:

  1. If you are taking the kitchen apart.....LABEL EVERYTHING!!! You will thank yourself and me! I put all of our screws into sandwich baggies and labeled them. Also, there is one set of hinges that are just slightly smaller than the rest. Since, I painted these, and assumed they were all the same size, I didn't label them. So, just in case that happens to you...they go on the cabinet below the sink. TRUST ME...I almost threw in the towel after battling that! My husband took over after that. ;)

  2. When spraying with metallic spray paint, make sure it is COMPLETELY DRY before touching. It is prone to finger prints even when it seems dry. Let me just say....our hardware has a few extra layers added to it since I had to spray and respray and respray a few times.

  3. Not all gold spray paints are created equal! Click HERE for the one I used. I like it and think it's the perfect gold because it's a warm buttery gold.

  4. I took every handle, hinge and part off that I could to spray. The only thing that I left on was the nobs for the oven. If you can manage to get those bad boys off, do it!!! I just felt like I was going to break them, so I left them on and taped around them. It's just a pain to have to do that.

*I also added all the resources of where I got our play kitchen stuff at the bottom. The pink blender and mixer are my favorite!!

Here are the results:

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Tanya R Ng

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