Ikea Hack Shelf

Ikea Hack Shelf

I've been wanting to do this Ikea hack for a few years and finally did it! It was probably one of the easiest and quickest ikea hacks and I used a new spray paint that I absolute love!

I will have to say that you should use their primer before painting. Also, read the directions on the back before using the spray paint. You need to remove the spray nozzle and tip the can upside down and a back stopper piece will fall out onto your hand. Then you need to put the pray nozzle back on. I did keep the black stopper to put back on the remaining can of spray paint for later use.

Ikea Shelf

Spray Paint:
2 - Montana Gold Spray Paint in Gold Chrome
1- Montana Gold Spray Paint Universal Primer

You can also purchase these in your local Dick Blick Art Supply Store if you have one nearby.


  1. Assemble the entire shelf but do not put the shelves on it.

  2. Spray the entire shelf with the primer. Wait for it to dry before spray painting.

  3. Spray the entire shelf with a light coat of spray paint. Wait to dry. Repeat these steps until the entire shelf is solid gold chrome.

  4. Make sure the shelf is completely dry. If you touch metallic paint too soon it will leave finger prints. Once it's completely dry, you can start putting the shelves on.

That's it!

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