What I'm Packing...

What I'm Packing...

Anyone else an over-packer? I like to think of it as just being really prepared. Today, I'm sharing with you all my spring and summer fashion picks and what I'm packing for our spring vacation!

First, let's talk about luggage! Yep...I'm one of those that gets so nervous when they weigh my luggage! My husband or I always stand on the scale at home to weigh it! I have a funny...well embarrassing story about luggage being overweight. So, I get to the airport and wait in a long long to check-in. I get to the counter and my luggage was 5 pounds over. So I had to go through my luggage and transfer some things to my husbands. When I opened my luggage, my box of tampons fell out and slid across the floor in front of the long line of people waiting to check-in. Yep...of course it had to be tampons.

Anyways...here is the luggage that I am bringing and I just love the colors of it! Mint, pink and copper! Also, I'm sharing these travel bags that I absolutely love too! You can click on the images to shop.

Of course, what's a vacation without swimwear?!! Here's what's going in my suitcase!

Of course, what makes our luggage go over every single time....shoes! You can never have enough shoes! Here's what I'm loving for this trip!

Here are some of my favorite tops:

Here are my favorite dresses:

Here's what I will be bringing for denim bottoms. I love Articles of Society jeans! I usually get them at Nordstrom Rack when they are under $35! I would size down one to two sizes. I'm normally a size 26 and I buy size 24. They are super comfy jeans with a nice stretch.

Of course, we need to talk about handbags! I love my round Clare V Alice bag from last summer and it's the "it" bag again this year. It's just so cute and versatile. I also linked the cutest clutch that's under $20!

Also, I thought that I would mention that we are purchasing this stroller to bring with us. We have the Uppababy Vista and love it, but I don't want to travel to Disney with it. We usually rent a stroller in the city we are traveling in, but I just think it's more cost effective to purchase a travel friendly one. Target has a current promotion for $100 off, which makes this one just under $300!

Tanya R Ng

Tanya R Ng

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